Saturday, February 2, 2013

New things

Love in the air!! Eww. Click the tab above to read our love section. Anyways, the reason I said that, is because the new item is:
The heart necklace! I hear it is returning from last year (I don't really know) It is in bahari bargains for 300 gems. And of course, members only!!  A few days ago I forgot to post that... the sky high game is for non members now!! You can put it in your den! Yayayay! By the way, I'm trying to fit as much as I can in one post+I'm bored.
In serepia theater, there is a new video! World's weirdest: clams.  It is groundhog day!!! :) We are suppose to have an early spring! I love winter.. :( Goodbye winter!! Oh! The superbowl is tomorrow too! I might be watching it, im not that into football. I think that's all I can think of.. Bye!!

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